Ask the Expert: My Cup Runneth Over

Anton from Missouri: I need underwear that doesn’t squish my junk. I’m fine for the first hour or so, but as the day goes on, it just gets all kinds of uncomfortable down there. My waist is a 30, my ass is big enough but not huge and I generally buy extra small or small underwear. My package is perhaps larger than most.. Anyways, I’m normally a briefs guy, but I gave boxers a go, thinking the loose fit would be just what I needed and they weren’t supportive enough at all. Help!

Expert: Ah, the classic example of being “too big for your britches!” You find a pair that looks like a million bucks, but soon find out they don’t feel or fit all that great. Not fun. Fortunately for you, more and more brands are widening their design scope to focus on comfort (especially for guys who struggle with large packages.) First, though, check that you’re wearing the right size of underwear. While they may fit fine around the waist, there are other factors to be aware of, such as extra (or not enough) room in the front and back. You’d be amazed at the number of guys who find instant relief from squishing issues by just going up a size.

If you’re confident the size is right, however, your best bet is to try a contour pouch. Ranging from basic to scientifically engineered, the contour pouch is a common design in men’s underwear nowadays. Note: if the briefs you’re currently sporting have a front fly, they do not have a contour pouch.
 As the name suggests, the basic contour pouch has a little extra room in the front to create a space for your package, and is contoured with a center seam to provide support and, in many cases, a slightly boosted profile. Many of the top brands feature styles with the basic contour pouch, such as the sports-inspired Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Reflex Hip Brief or the incredibly soft 2xist Touch Trunk.

You should also check out C-IN2’s Personal Fit Factor Collection which provides the closest thing to a custom fit. Your issue with the squish no doubt puts you in the category of “shower” (as opposed to “grower,”) and the aptly named C-IN2 Personal Fit Factor Shower Brief features a contour pouch with inverted pleats on either side that adjust to your size, giving you the perfect amount of room and support.

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief is made with an extra roomy pouch that provides plenty of space for your boys to hang free, too, and a specially placed seam creates just enough support to prevent you from bouncing all over the place. This underwear is made of a lightweight, breathable modal fabric that feels like it’s barely there, giving you the effect that you’re literally almost naked.

If you still can’t seem to find the fit you need, get yourself a trunk. Trunks are cut a little longer than a brief but still give you that same sleek, sexy fit and because they extend further down the leg, the pouch tends to have less of a lifting effect, allowing for some extra room. Try the Diesel Fresh & Bright Trunk which comes in a huge spectrum of colors that will highlight your cup that runneth over.­­­­

For more information on these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear2(x)istC-in2Andrew ChristianDiesel


0 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: My Cup Runneth Over

  1. Mark Renn says:

    Wait. This guy has a 30″ waist and buys either small or x-small? Seriously, he needs to be wearing medium. Try that first.

  2. fred barden says:

    Well I have a very large collection of underwear yes men and boys because I dont wear ladys underwear. I,am not sure how meany I have but over 3000 paire and have been collection from the 60s. As fare as Mark wearing x-small to small I can see that because I like a good fitting underwear just like him. I,am getting ready to sell some of my collection should be fun to see what you guys would like to buy. All you underwear men have a good day.
    Fred King of underwear I think

    • Daric says:

      Id love to have access to your collection! I have about 300 pair and love adding more! If you’re interested in giving yours a great new home, please let me know!

  3. rulo says:

    yes andrew christian almost naked briefs are very comfortable, and i can say that my package looks so huge. and why not they are sexys too.

  4. Michael says:

    For one.. thanks anton for being open enough to put yourself out there, no pun intended, and say what you did.. I’ve always had the same issue, even when I was chunky growing up!! Now that I’m 6’1 and 32″ waist, I feel like around that one hour mark I start going numb and then eventually I feel like my stuff fell off completely.. TMI? I suppose, but its the truth n I felt compelled to lay it out there in case, like you, I help others

  5. bigd12x9 says:

    What do you do, what do you wear if your a shower and a grower like me, even in boxers, all you see 6ft-4 frame, and very defined print…X.L.V.P.L, then you look at my face

    • Chas says:

      bigd12x9 – I have similar issues but am 5’7″ with a 30″ waist… so I relate to both you and Anton. There is a brand out of Australia that I found that is the ONLY one in which I am comfortable (as Anton bemoaned, the problem is even worse being similarly over-sized, even flacid and needing a size “small” to fit my waist and ass. The brand is called “Obviously” and ONLY the line with the “Anatonomical” pouch works for me. Even so, I buy one size up (a medium) and, for true comfort, I sometimes even wear a large. The fabric is very giving so with the roome filled up in front, even in a large, it does not gap on my ass. They do manufacturer up to a 2XL so that might be something to look for. Hard to find except online. You might have to go directly to their sight to get the 2XL (that’s usually where I order anyway). Any style works as long as it has the Anatomical Pouch. They make one with an intermediary pouch (too small for my taste) and a “contour” – which is miserable.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Julian Thorn says:

    Good to be able to discuss the problems us guys with big packages experience.Not only do I have a massive cock which is big even when flaccid, but seriously big balls too, so finding well fitting briefs a nightmare. Took Chas’s advice and bought some Obviously Anatomical pouch briefs,one size up from my normal. Great stuff, so comfortable,super fit. Wish I’d had them before,they look really good.

  7. Daric says:

    I love underwear, I have a collection of about 300, and love to add to the pile. Having so many options gives me a great feeling and let’s me pick a pair that jells with how I’m feeling that day not to mention being able to color coordinate. Being endowed (9×5) along with being a grower and a shower, isn’t always a blessing, especially finding a pair of underwear that fits and that gives support. I think the underwear that works best for me is Andrew Christian, because their pouch is the perfect size for my package, they allow my junk to hang just right and not wander around in my pants, (he can have a mind of his own most of the time). I do also like Obviously, the modal material is very comfortable and feels great, plus their pouch is comfortable as well. It’s just nice to have options in underwear, especially when you’ve been given more to work with!

  8. D. W; says:

    Great information. I’ve been dealing with this problem for years. Maybe some of these will work. Anything that would make the package less noticeable in swim gear. I have always been accused of wearing things just to “show” when it just is what I have naturally.

  9. D. W; says:

    Can you suggest any type of swim gear that doesn’t make a person look so big? I had two queens say “That is obscene” at one time. Pulled what I was wearing down and watched their eyes pop!

  10. Chad says:

    I don’t think it’s as popular or well-known of a brand, but “John Sievers” has one of the roomiest pouches out there! There’s plenty of room for a larger / longer cock to hang down – filling out the extended pouch. Immediately out of the packaging you will notice that the pouch seems to extend an inch or two more than most underwear pouches do. But with your own “package” in it, it still gives your “boys” excellent support. I think you’ll like the fit and feel. I certainly do – and for years I had this exact same problem. Most underwear severely constricted my cock throughout the day. (Oh, and this brand comes in a ton of colors too – which I also really like.)

  11. Mr c Turne4 says:

    Help I need to find sum underwear that doesn’t mean I end up sitting on myself I am getting in trouble for a dusting myself

  12. Shawn says:

    I get the impression that everyone wears there cock facing down toward the ground in their briefs, as the model is doing in that pic above, I find that terribly uncomfortable and have always opted for the ‘upswept look’ if you will, pulling my cock up so that the underwear hold it against my pelvis while my balls remain bellow in the base of the frontal underwear pocket. I really like Joe Fresh briefs, I find them comfortable and most of my pairs have lasted at least 2 years. They cost around $5.00 or $6.00 CND For me boxer briefs are out of the question, my dick always finds its way out of one of the legs.

    My issue is that I like to run and for that I want my dick and balls to be so tightly packed against me that they cannot move. Im looking for performance underwear that can hold me up…. any recommendations?

    • Chas says:

      I am 5′ 7″ 140 lbs and over 5″ flacid (and kind of thick). I also have pretty good sized balls. For comfort/daily wear, I like the Obviously anatomical (but that is generally to wear “down” – which is not your goal). They also make a smaller pouch line (Contour) or just their regular line. What is nice about both is that, for the times I want to tally up, the contour pouch is big enough to hold my balls and support them and I can wear my member up and it is held close between the fabric and my balls. Because the pouch is really filled up with the balls, your balls hang a little lower (still supported) without being crushed. This also means that your member when worn up is actually closer to your body (i.e. since your balls are not pushing it forward when worn up, you get less of a “I am announcing the presence of my penis” look (no big bulging outline). Hope that helps!

  13. Arturo says:

    I have very large balls; larger than a large chicken egg. Getting the underwear just right has always been a problem. Last year I got some Perry Ellis boxer briefs on sale and instantly liked the gentle cupping of the pouch. The material is very soft all around including the waistband. But their peak performance faded quickly after several washes. The elastic in the leg holes went limp and overall shrinkage did not leave enough room for the boys. I was finding myself staring out supported when getting dress, but having one testicle falling out of the leg whole and sticking to my thigh. So now I am trying my first pair of Buffalo boxer briefs by David Britton. These were also on sale. Out of the box single pairs are a lot cheaper, but they are still about $9 each. I don’t know anything about David except that his name is on the box. This is their maiden voyage and right now, about an hour after dressing, I definitely feel uplifted and cooler. The bulge is not overly noticeable in these flat front khakis. I mean you can’t definitely see that I have an ample package of male parts, but nothing vulgar. I will report back later with more experience if anyone is interested.

    • Ken says:

      Hello Arturo,
      I am very interested in finding out how the “boys” did in the new underwear because I have the same problem, and my chorizo is unusually large, which needs a lot of support to keep it in and hidden from those pesky vpl’s which cause my rod a lot of stares all day everywhere I go. Please get back to me, I am very curious!!

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