Alan Red Masters Classic

Started in 1996 by Italian company, Magir, Alan Red & Co. is out to master simplicity. With a reputation for producing quality t-shirts, the label is looking to expand its wares slowly, without losing their dedication to no-frills quality. Underwear t-shirts are the 2nd most popular bought item for men in the intimate market with a connoisseur taste for perfect fit. The Underwear Expert recently spoke to Alan Red’s UK Brand Manager, Kevin Cheeseman, about Alan Red,  and what it hopes to bring to the table on men’s undergarments.
“Alan Red has always been dedicated to having a good quality product, without complicating it too much,” Cheeseman told us. “All the yarn [for Alan Red’s t-shirts] is mechanically spun in Italy on single spools, so that every t-shirt will be exactly the same quality.”
And it’s not just the quality methods that keep the brand simple. With their latest market push for the “everyday” white t-shirt, the brand harkened consumers back to the raw, uncomplicated sensuality of Marlon Brando or James Dean. And their campaign captures the naming of the products perfectly, with names like ‘Dean’ and ‘Vermont’ evoking an era of chilled, classic 50’s  masculinity.
“Alan Red is fanatical about making sure the cut is right… making sure it’s classic.” Said Cheeseman.
Experimentation is a slow process for a company so dedicated to timeless styles. Alan Red has been slowly introducing different kind of cuts to their line. Along with a crew neck shirt, the brand has expanded to some v-cuts, and some of the deep, drooping cuts popular with a younger generation.
And their underwear lines too, share this slow spread to reinvent. With a bevy of different cuts such as their brief and boxer lines, Alan Red stays with classic cotton in a couple of color choices.
“It’s not a furry cotton,” Cheeseman says of the label’s underwear. “It’s compact.”
With their dedication to classic aesthetics, and passion for raw, uncomplicated sex appeal, Alan Red & Co. is set to continue redefining timeless style.
Check out a gallery of photos from Alan Red & Co. below!
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