5 Favorites With Pablo Hernandez

Since Pablo Hernandez is one of our favorite models, we took the time to get to know him by asking him some of his favorites.

Favorite City: Hard choice. Miami is always close to my heart, but honestly, I really love LA. I love San Francisco, Barcelona and New York, too, but I feel LA is where I belong. I’m in New York right now after spending 24 years of my life in Miami, which I truly love–I run that place!, but career wise and mentally, my favorite city is LA, it’s where I see myself.

Favorite Underwear Style: I would definitely say bikini briefs. And for bathing suit, Brazilian speedo. I’m not a fan of the boxer, and briefs are my tan line, too. Briefs have more mobility, they’re more airy, and they don’t constrain the thighs. Definitely bikini brief.

Favorite Movie: I’m a huge movie fan, and ever since I got into acting I see tons of movies, but for some reason, I gravitate towards The Hunger Games. Hands down, my favorite move is The Hunger Games. I’ve seen it in the movie theatre four times! It’s just, every time I start watching, I’m taken to another world, somewhere else.

Favorite Celebrity: My boy crush is Ryan Gosling. My girl crush is Emma Stone, she’s so sexy and right on point. When I grow up I wan to be Ryan Gosling. I love him. .  I wish I we could be best friends!

Favorite Food: I don’t wanna be a bad influence, but I have to say French fries. I don’t eat very many, but God, I love them. I just wish they didn’t make you fat. I’d have a French fry IV if I could.

Check out a gallery of Pablo Hernandez photos shot by photographer Thomas Synnamon below, and for even more photos of Pablo Hernandez than you know what do with, click here. Stay tuned, too, for an exclusive interview with Pablo in which we learn even more about the model and actor.


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