2EROS Launches New Underwear Brand

The producers of Australian brand 2EROS have announced plans to launch a brand supa’ new underwear brand, SUPAWEAR, which according to a press release, will give “men on Earth sexy, fun and affordable essentials turning them into SUPA MAN.” Sounds good to us!

Launching sometime mid-month, The brand will first release a handful of collections of underwear and swimwear including but not limited to the SUPA-MAN, SUPA-DUPA and SUPA-SONIC collections.

“We will work on keeping prices low so that our customers will not have to wait until sale time to make a purchase,” Jason Hoeung, creator of SUPAWEAR says in the press release. The brand is also aware that buyers are constantly looking for the next big thing “that’s sexy, fun and affordable” and will continue to supplement SUPAWEAR with those qualities in mind.

Stay tuned for more information on SUPAWEAR which is most definitely “not for the ordinary.”

For more information on these brands: Supawear, 2EROS


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