World’s Sexiest Vegan Wears Awesome Underwear

There’s something real sexy about a steak, but apparently there’s also a lot of sex appeal in a vegan, too. Especially if he wears awesome underwear. Need proof? Check out Zachary Koval from Brooklyn, NY who was recently named Peta’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door along with Tiana Rae from San Jose, California.

Koval had been a vegetarian since he was 10, and made the switch to vegan 2 1/2 years ago. In addition to supporting a healthy and active lifestyle, Koval cites the benefits of vegan eating as helping him combat “his family history of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure,” his bio on Peta’s website says. In addition to vegan food, his turn-ons include “vegan men, compassion, authenticity, and a good sense of humor,” Koval said. “There’s nothing sexier than showing—and living—compassion towards animals, the world, and yourself.”

That’s all good and well, but what’s really great is how good he looks in his underwear. He’s toned and trim, lean and svelte. All things that will probably have us eating vegan starting.. now. If you were guaranteed a body like this, would you give up that sexy steak you were planning on cooking tonight? Check out these photos of Koval from Tony Veloz for DNA Magazine if you need help making up your mind. He sports C-in2 and Under Armour as well as some other awesome wares. Koval promises: “No animals were harmed in the making of this body.”

For more information about these brands: C-in2, Under Armour

Photo Credit: DNA Magazine



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