10 Questions With Thierry Pepin

Getting to ask those fun yes or no, maybe so first date questions to an underwear model is something a lot of men and women dream about, but rarely get to do. Lucky for us, though, we had the opportunity to speak with Thierry Pepin, face of Gregg Homme for the last four years, and do just that. (Lucky for you, we’ve included a gallery of our favorite Thierry Pepin photos so you can get to know him, too.)

We found out the Montreal native turned New Yorker prefers no pajamas to the [boring] alternative and is in school to become a DJ in addition to being an underwear model (he spins “hip-hop, house, and a little bit of dub.”) He’s also been training for this weekend’s New York City triathlon. Swoon.

Naughty or Nice? I’m a Libra, and my sign represents balance.. so, a little bit of both?

New York or Montreal? I would say New York; it’s just “more.” More variation of everything, more work, more opportunities and you meet tons of different people.

Vanilla or Chocolate? Mmm.. Strawberry.

Boxers or Briefs? Ay, it depends. Working out it’s always boxers, but probably briefs.

Dungeon or Penthouse? Penthouse, I like the convenience.. lighting.. yeah, everything about a Penthouse is good.

Vodka or Tequila? Gin, but if I had to answer this I’d say Tequila because I find vodka a little boring. There’s nothing like tequila because it gets you silly a little bit. A shot of tequila is always welcome..

Rain or Sun? I like both. I hate when it’s sunny too long–for days–I get sick of it. The same with rain.

Morning or Night? I love early morning, and I loooove night. Morning, I wake up at 6 am and jump on my bike but night is when I do my music and stuff. Afternoon is when I crash!

Pajamas or No Pajamas? No pajamas. I hate pajamas. I don’t get the point.

And lastly, Single or Taken? Single at the moment.

Our conclusion: Thierry Pepin is a total catch. 

Since we only got to ask Thierry 10 questions (and since pictures are worth a thousand words), here’s a gallery of some of our favorite Gregg Homme Thierry Pepin photos.

For more information on this brand: Gregg Homme



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