Introducing the Personal Underwear Washing Machine!

China’s dirty underwear has a new person to fear. For the past five years, Mr. Li, a taxi driver in the city of Chongqing, has been building and honing his greatest invention: an underwear cleaning machine. Now, the Chinese Government has made the man’s dreams come true and awarded him a patent for the device.

The machine washes pairs of underwear individually, using a piston mechanism. While this may seem tedious to some, for Chinese women, it may be the answer to their prayers. Traditionally in China, undergarments are washed separately from other clothing, out of conservative principles. Thus the ability for a separate machine to take care of just the undergarments, could solve a thorny issue for demure men and women across the country.

We feel that the machine’s design could do with a makeover… but when are we going to start seeing this stateside? I mean, it can’t be far away.. we do already have underwear vending machines, right?




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