UPDATE: Taylor’s Undie Pic Fake!

We’re man enough at The Underwear Expert to admit when we’ve been duped. We earlier reported on a tweeted pic by a supposed Taylor Lautner, showing off his bod in a pair of mystery-brand trunks… Turns out the pic was a faked photoshop of another model… and it wasn’t posted by Lautner. Someone posing as the star tweets on an account under the handle @OfficialTL. With 129,000 followers, we weren’t the only ones who fell for the ruse–the story has been circulating on media sites all week. Check out the original pic comparison below and a special thank you to the reader who brought it to our attention!

Update: The original model in the photo (aka the guy that’s NOT Taylor Lautner) is Brazilian model Renato Ferreira of Major Models.


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