Uniqlo Promoting ‘Suteteko’

Popular in yesteryear for wear under a kimono, Suteteko underwear is traditional Japanese garb. Much longer than normal boxers, and made of a very thin, light material to keep the wearer cool, Uniqlo extolls its virtues even as outerwear during warm weather months.

Now, Uniqlo stores are bringing back the 100 year old underwear. Sold within the stores at special Suteteko “bars” and manned by Uniqlo employees, customers will be given help in selecting the right pair of underwear (and with over 80 designs available, including pairs with popular Marvel or anime characters, they’ll need it.)

The brand plans to expand the appeal of the underwear to international consumers, too: “We want to let overseas customers understand the convenience and the easiness of wearing steteco,” said company spokesperson Naoe Tsunashima.

The underwear’s retail price has been lowered to ¥790 (about $10) for the new initiative.

Will YOU be trying out Suteteko?

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Photo Credit: The Japan Times


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