Tim Tebow Still Not Dropping Drawers

Well, it would seem that we’re not going to be seeing Tim Tebow down to his undies any time soon. The New York Jets quarterback has previously said that he wouldn’t be stripping down in his sponsorship ads for Jockey and during an event last week, hosting the “Hot City Cool Down” fashion show in Orlando, reaffirmed his commitment by hitting the catwalk fully clothed, in a Jockey T-shirt and jeans.

“For me, it’s not about walking down the runway in just my underwear.” Tebow said of his decision. “I’m really trying to represent Jockey in the right way. They do things with class, and I want to do the same. I just focus on telling people what I like.”

We’re beginning to wonder if Tebow might secretly be a “never-nude.” In any case, fans hoping to get a glimpse of Tebow pantless will just have to satisfy themselves with gazing towards his tight football pants when the NFL season starts in early September.

For more information on this brand: Jockey


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