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Pop quiz: What brand introduced the boxer short to the UK in the 1950s? What brand made the famous Riviera polo that was worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’? What brand is the second biggest selling men’s underwear brand at the Selfridges department chain throughout the UK (second to Calvin Klein)? What brand uses only the finest quality 100% two-fold, long-staple Egyptian cotton for their T-shirts and underwear? Pencils down. Let’s see how you did.

The answer to every one of the above questions is UK brand, Sunspel. Founded in 1860 by Thomas Hill, the brand has been producing iconic, luxurious clothing for over 150 years. Using technology to constantly innovate new fabrics, in addition to using a classic blend of Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, Sunspel shirts and underwear have for decades been renowned for their lightness and softness… as well as their simple, elegant designs.

“Sunspel is able to make clothing of unparalleled comfort: well designed, well constructed and tailored to fit,” states the brand’s marketing materials.

Iconic moments in underwear history from the last century are permeated with Sunspel’s presence. In the famous 1985 Levi’s ad which sent boxer shorts zooming to the top of the sales charts, Nick Kamen strips his Levis off to reveal a pair of white Sunspel boxers. In the more recent era, as alluded to above, Daniel Craig sported a Sunspel Riviera polo shirt for the film Casino Royale.

With a minimalist aesthetic and classic designs, it’s no wonder that Sunspel has lasted the last century and a half. With their “commitment to timeless yet modern design” it’s clear that Sunspel has many prosperous years ahead. More than a brand to keep an eye on… it’s a brand whose popularity might just outlast us all.

Check out some vintage and modern photos from Sunspel below!

For more information on this brand: Sunspel



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