N2N’s Refined Sex Appeal

N2N's White Party Collection

N2N’s been rolling out alluring underwear for 15 years now, and has long produced some of the most captivating and titillating marketing images in the men’s underwear industry. We recently had a chance to speak with the man behind N2N, founder and designer Andrew Makay, about how it all got started.

“Back in 1987, before I got into this, I was working on a cruise ship. One of the port of calls was in Acapulco, and while I was there I found this hot little turquoise bikini,” Makay told the Underwear Expert. “I loved how it made me feel and how it made me look, but I couldn’t find anything like it in the States.” He returned home, cut the bikini apart, and made a sewing pattern from it: “Those were the embers of N2N,” Makay said and from there, it was a ten year journey to the company’s full inception.

“Leading up to 1997, I had saved up enough money to actually start my company. Knowing absolutely nothing about what I was getting myself into–all I knew is that I wanted to make sexy stuff… all stuff that I liked–I found a little store space in West Hollywood, found a contractor, and launched my first collection of 17 items. And that officially launched N2N Bodywear in 1997 in West Hollywood.”

A reputation for making quality sexy menswear and an unabashed incorporation of sexuality into their marketing has always set N2N apart. A section of their wares is dedicated to erotic items, yes, but their other lines all evoke a refined style, with equal parts high fashion and subtle sex appeal . N2N has decidedly become a little more inclusive over the years, and the company now has over 100 items. “We do a little underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, and now we’re breaking into thermals and winter wear,” Makay said.

With multiple collections that allude to sex without going for it full throttle, N2N is a prime example of how sexuality can be used in healthy and intelligent ways to sell a product that, at its core, is inherently sexy.

Check out a gallery of N2N’s recent Spring / Summer 2012 marketing photos to see how they infuse subtle sexuality into their underwear and marketing below.
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