SHOP TALK: Michael Smith and Bozack

Six years since leaving an unfulfilling corporate job, Michael Smith is blazing a new path: encouraging people to have balls. His Toronto-based brand, Bozack, sets out to do that with a line of stylish trunks focusing on luxury and perfect fit.

“I wanted to do something I believed in.” Says Smith on his beginnings. “This is the result.”

After considering a start in T-shirts, Smith realized that he had something to provide to the underwear industry. He left the corporate world, and began his career in manufacturing trunks… thus Bozack was born.

The word Bozack has been used since the late 80’s within hip-hop culture to mean… well… ball sack. Smith has paired this term with inspiring slogans and taglines meant to encourage customers to embrace their instincts and pursue their destinies. The result is a brand that promotes an equal mix of both gravitas and introspection.

“The garment is supposed to encourage people to have balls.” Said Smith. “That’s where all those messages all kind of tie in.”

Made from bamboo, for a nicer, more breathable feel, Bozack trunks strive for luxury performance in underwear. Bamboo offers moisture absorption and control, the Bozack website informs. That fact that it’s also eco-friendly, states Smith, is just one added benefit to the material.

“It’s extremely comfortable, with the moisture wicking capabilities.” Smith stated when asked about the choice to use Bamboo. “I consider it a luxury performance fabric.”

Bozack’s next line is expected to land sometime in the fall. With inspiration taken from luxury car brands, the new designs will carry appeal towards extreme sports and motocross fans. If their current line is any indication, however, the appeal is sure to spread to customers everywhere. Michael Smith is setting the trend, and will continue to do so… one Bozack at a time.


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