PPU Jockstrap

The Collection: 
NAME: PPU Jockstrap
BOTTOMS: Jockstrap

The Man
WAIST: 32″
WORN: Small Black PPU Jockstrap

The Basics:
STYLE: Jockstrap
FUNCTION: Fetish, Going Out
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $12.95
FABRIC: 94% Cotton 6% Spandex

The Look: Bold, Sexy, Minimal.

The Design: With the barest essentials of coverage, the PPU Jockstrap is not your conservative athletic-wear. Clearly meant to titillate, this jockstrap is all tease. With its white and black banded straps that wrap under the glutes leaving small slits between PPU branded waistband, strap and pouch, the underwear definitely draws interest.

The Fit: The PPU jockstrap is very comfortable in terms of fabric quality, and really will only be leveled by how comfortable the wearer feels about the lack of coverage. The straps are soft and supportive without ever becoming hindering. The pouch fabric is delicate and soft, really quite pleasurable on the skin. It’s not supportive in the slightest, however, so it’s probably not something to wear during real athletic activity… The PPU jockstrap enhances the business down there, too, and shows off every proud contour.

The Construction: There’s not much to say about the construction of the PPU Jockstrap. There’s a little bit of good and bad mixed. The soft wrap-around tag is a nice touch, but the sewing along the attaching straps isn’t exactly top-quality. This jockstrap isn’t going to stand to rigorous use, but will definitely flatter in the meantime.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: The PPU Jockstrap has a purpose in mind, and that’s showing off the goods while teasing what lies below. Its delicate construction relegates it to more fetish-inspired wear, but for those seeking a pair in that specific arena, this PPU Jockstrap will definitely fit the bill.

For more information on this brand: PPU


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