Muchachomalo’s Culture Campaign

We stumbled across these outstandingly artistic photos from a brand we’ve never heard of before, Muchachomalo; they’re so awesome, we just had to share. Despite not being able to reach a representative for comment, we can tell you the brand, which is available across the globe, sells both men’s and women’s underwear and clothing has over 15 styles in their most recent men’s collection, many of which are colorful and eccentric prints.

The underwear comes in both single and 2-packs and retails for €19.95-€24.95 (single) and €39.95-€43.95 (2-pack.)

These amazing photos are part of the lifestyle brand’s Cultures Campaign. Take a look!



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  1. shawn says:

    It would be nice if your going to blog about something you at least get the appropriate spelling for the business.

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