Modus Vivendi Fetish Denim Brief

The Collection: 
NAME: Modus Vivendi Fetish Denim Brief
BOTTOMS: Brief, Trunk
COLORS: Black, Blue

The Man:
WAIST:  32″
WORN: Denim Look Brief – Black

The Basics:
STYLE: Brief
RISE: Low-rise
FUNCTION: Sexy, Entertaining
FIT: True to size
FABRIC: 95% Viscose, 5% Elastan

The Look: Rugged, sexy, fetish-wear.

The Design:  Bold, with a fair dosage of kink, these briefs are like a leather jacket for your groin. The look exudes attitude, giving the wearer a bold, rough bravado. The material surprised us by truly looking like jean material from afar. Up close, it loses the illusion, but something tells us that anyone close enough to examine these would have other matters on their mind. The lace-up fly is all style, with it’s comfort being a distant consideration. That being said, it’s not exceptionally uncomfortable, and we found that we could definitely wear these for a prolonged period…. maybe just not everyday.

The Fit: The fit surprised us. Upon first touching the material, we were uncertain if it would conform well to skin. After sliding the pair on, however, we found it fitting in all the right places. More importantly, the briefs flatter, really accentuating the goods on both ends. We can’t stress enough that these are a pair made to impress, and we’re certain that they will.

Construction: These briefs are well put-together, and there’s nothing that glaringly stands out as a flaw in their construction. They probably aren’t quite as durable as some of the other, more everyday or sport-minded pairs we see, but these are “special occasion” briefs… not your average Tuesday workout pair.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Surprisingly comfortable and fitting, this pair of briefs is an attention grabber. Made for looking sexy, and giving off a strong bit of attitude, they are sure to get the job done in this regard… and actually, you can be quite comfortable in the interim.

More information about this brand: Modus Vivendi


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