MeUndies Releases Three New Colors

MeUndies has released a new line of colors across their men’s styles. Available for their briefs, trunks, and boxer-briefs, customers will now be able to choose from a wider variety, with the introduction of pairs in purple, pink, and green.

“We are extremely excited about the release of our new colors over the past few months.” MeUndies co-founder Jonathan Shokrian told The Underwear Expert.

Specializing in basic styles with a classic aesthetic, MeUndies has surged in popularity since their launch last February… no doubt helped by their unique marketing efforts and low price point. Want to buy underwear out of vending machine? MeUndies has you covered. Want subscription-based monthly briefs? MeUndies is all about it. And with the release of these hot new colors, the brand is actually hoping to take pressure off their current over-popular line.

“We find that our members love our product, regardless of the color they go for,” co-founder Barak Diskin adds, “However why wouldn’t you want to own a hot pink pair of the world’s most comfortable underwear?”

With allusions towards future collaborations due out late summer/pre-fall, and a hip savvy towards future underwear sensibilities, MeUndies is a burgeoning brand we love to watch.


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