Joe Snyder to Introduce “Pride Frame” Line

José Vargas, general manager of underwear brand Joe Snyder, knows a thing or two about underwear. His grandfather started the company in 1958, and for three generations they’ve been producing bold designs in men’s undergarments. The road to international success hasn’t been without bumps, however. After battling conservative attitudes towards men’s underwear in Mexico’s late 50’s,  José Vargas Snyder and his family have weathered multiple storms in the decades since.

Their new style, “Pride Frame” is set to debut on June 18th. Utilizing a unique ergonomic design dubbed “Exclhom”, the brand is looking to revolutionize with unparalleled “male support.”

“Different from other collections, this has a pouch that is a little bit bigger in front.” Vargas told The Underwear Expert. “There is a V-cup in front as well, and then around the genitals there is a frame.”

“It’s the concept of ‘I’m putting a frame around what I am proud of.’ Hence the name, ‘Pride Frame.’” Added Vargas.

Exceptional quality has always been a key tenement of the brand, according to Vargas. Utilizing a manufacturing process that sources only from Mexico City and the surrounding areas enables them to monitor, control, and engage every aspect of production on entirely local level.

“We don’t have to go for an intermediary for our process. Compared to other brands that go through production in China, or Turkey, or India… Everything we do is made is in our workshops.” Vargus told us. “We can control very well the quality.”

Starting a sexually provocative male underwear brand in 1950’s Mexico wasn’t exactly simple for Vargus’s predecessor.

“At the beginning it was quite difficult. Because especially in Mexico, the population is more conservative than in other countries.” said Vargas. “…But the garments were accepted by the population, so my father kept insisting.”

With their design on shelves in over 250 boutiques spread across more than 10 countries, it’s clear that persistence has paid off for the brand…

And there’s much more to come from Joe Snyder. Surprisingly, the company is set to soon introduce some more conservative designs, to appeal to a new clientele of consumers. These styles, with features like a wide elastic band, are aimed at broadening their base and expanding their already wide international market. With “Pride Frame” products releasing in the middle of this month, and the new, more conservative designs debuting in early July, Joe Snyder’s summer calendar looks very promising indeed.

Check out pictures of the upcoming “Pride Frame” line below…



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  1. Alex says:

    Nice design so I bought one. My hopes were let down cause of quality and sizing. Strings were quite loose and hanging out. I was scared to pull on them so I carefully cut them off with scissors only to see the strings come out more. It’s just not tightly put together and feels loose.

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