jake joseph Trouser Boxer

The Collection: 
NAME: jake joseph Trouser Boxer
COLORS: Blue Gingham, Blue & White Pinstripe, Pink & White Seersucker, Black & White Pinstripe Oxford

The Man
WAIST: 32″
WORN: jake joseph Blue Gingham Trouser Boxer

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer
FUNCTION: Relaxing, Everyday, Going-out, Dressing up
FIT: True to size
FABRIC: 100% Cotton Shirtings

The Look: Classic, Refined, Professional.

The Design: Wearing the jake joseph Trouser Boxer is like wearing a classic dress shirt in your pants. The look is all class, with design based on the classic gentleman’s outerwear. The double snap fly is fetching, and the band and cut are all seemingly made to look as though a tailor made these specifically for the wearer. Made for modesty, these aren’t going to show anything off, but will impress with their dignified appeal.

The Fit: True to size, the jake joseph Trouser Boxer fits like the aforementioned classic dress shirt. Slim and hugging the profile without showing it off, this boxer is airy and light… so much so, that you hardly notice you’re wearing the underwear at all. The elastic band bears particular noting as it’s incredibly stretchable and soft. This results in a comfortable waistband that feels incredibly secure, but not constricting. We were instructed to wash these a handful of times to bear witness to the incredible softness of the fabric wash after wash and yes, it’s true! The fabric wears like a comfy vintage tee and literally does get softer with time.

The Construction: There are numerous smart touches in the design of these boxers. From the double snap fly, which is incredibly functional and brilliant, to the seamless rear, which prevents bunching and riding up. This underwear really hones the ideals of a great boxer and benefits from expert craftsmanship. With side venting up the legs to provide full range of movement, this boxer shows that someone behind the scenes has really thought this whole process through.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: A great bet for under a suit, or under your gym shorts, the jake joseph Trouser Boxer is classy and comfortable. Again, the jake joseph Trouser Boxer is classy and comfortable–remarkably so. We highly recommend this underwear for the consummate gentleman and underwear connoisseur.

For more information on this brand: Jake Joseph


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