Icebreaker Mens 200 Lightweight Boxer

The Collection: 
NAME: Icebreaker Body Fit Boxer
BOTTOMS: Boxer Brief

The Man
WAIST:  32″
WORN: Small, black Icebreaker Body Fit Boxer

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer Brief
RISE: Mid-rise
FUNCTION: Everyday, Athletic
FIT: Large. We recommend buying a size down.
FABRIC:  100% Merino Wool

The Look: Sporty, Simple, Sophisticated.

The Design: The Icebreaker Body Fit Boxer doesn’t have any bells or whistles in it’s design. It’s an athletic boxer meant to keep the wearer cool or warm as need be, and at that it excels. It has a silhouette-esque effect of being uniformly black, and presents itself as a comfortable body fitting boxer that needn’t stylize. It’s this attitude toward function that we find ourselves oddly drawn to with the Icebreaker Body Fit. Quite simply, Icebreaker has us at 100% Merino wool.

The Fit: These boxer briefs are amazingly comfortable. That bears repeating: amazingly comfortable. Due in no small part to the 100% Merino wool, we found the Icebreaker Body Fit to be light and cooling in this hot summer weather. The rear of the Icebreaker Body Fit Boxer was flush against the skin and comfortable, where the front allowed just enough room for mobility. For athletic purposes, these boxer-briefs would excel with their fit. Honestly, while trying these, we sometimes felt as though we were wearing nothing at all.

Construction: The construction of this Icebreaker Body Fit boxer is solid. The stitching is high quality throughout, and the fabric, as we mentioned, is entirely luxurious. On the inside of the pair, we found two large tags, which were disappointing. Upon finding that the launder label was easily removed, we discovered that via the other label, we were able to track the manufacturing process of our Icebreaker Body Fit Boxers online, completely back to the farm that sourced the wool used for our individual pair. If you’ve never had a bushy-bearded New Zealand farmer explain to you the role he had in making the actual pair of boxer-briefs you’re wearing… well… you’re in for a treat.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: We love these boxer-briefs. No, they’re not going to impress with their look, but they’ll be insanely comfortable, and environmentally conscious to boot. For athletic underwear that will keep you cool, look no further.

For more on this brand: Icebreaker


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