Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer Brief

The Collection: 
NAME: Icebreaker Anatomica
BOTTOMS: Boxer Brief, Brief
COLORS: Black, Red, Navy

The Man
WAIST:  30″
WORN: Small, black Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer Brief

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer Brief
RISE: Mid-rise
FUNCTION: Everyday, Athletic
FIT: True to size
FABRIC:  96% Merino, 4% LYCRA®

The Look: Smart, Sturdy, Sophisticated.

The Design: The Icebreaker boxer brief is like a boxer-brief on speed. With a GT150 fabric for ultimate fit and weighing less than .25 kg, it’s equal parts light and sturdy. Its logo is displayed in bold black letters on the front of the red satin jacquard waistband and  the major seams are also red, drawing attention to the slimness of the legs and the pronounced pouch.  There is one seam down the back that is black, giving the illusion of a seamless piece of cloth closely hugging the body; a red seam crosses the front of the pouch to the left giving the illusion that the underwear is somehow twisted, but it is not – it’s a design choice that succeeds in giving these underwear a deserved second glance.

The Fit: The Anatomica fits like your favorite boxer brief. The advanced fabric clings to your body and doesn’t scrunch up, but there’s plenty of space in the pouch to allow for comfort. The waistband stretches nicely across your waist, not too high and not too low. It’s very lightweight, and yet the strong red seams make it feel high-performance when on. You could wear the Anatomica to bed, to the gym, or all day at work and still be comfortable.

Construction: The fabric is great. As breathable as the Icebreaker claims and it naturally provides insulation, too, to help keep you comfortable no matter the conditions. The tag in back wraps over the waistband and doesn’t get in the way in the least. Unfortunately, there are two more tags attached in back that stick out more than an inch and can cause irritation. It’s a shame that the tags were not sewn on all sides or printed onto the waistband itself. Nevertheless, this only detracts slightly from an otherwise brilliantly constructed underwear. Seams and stitching are sturdy, and the pouch is integrated seamlessly into the rest of the boxer brief.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: We love environmentally conscious and socially ethical underwear and Icebreaker nails it with this masculine, smart looking boxer brief that is both those things. The underwear feels high-tech through and through, but is somehow comfortable enough to wear around the house. The two annoying tags are really a buzz-kill, but on one of them, you can actually trace the fabric in the underwear back to the farm in New Zealand it came from via barcode. Impressively comfortable and simply masculine, we definitely recommend these to the man that needs high-performance underwear without bulk or weight.


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