C-in2 Wades Into Swimwear

C-in2 underwear, known for it’s expertly designed and form-fitting underwear, has re-launched their swim range. Surprised? Don’t be. The brand hasn’t done any major marketing pushes in an effort to gather important consumer feedback on the updated wares. “In many respects, we didn’t do a lot of fanfare on this first launch, and a little bit on purpose–I kind of wanted to get it out quietly,” Greg Sovell, C-in2 Creative Director and Co-Founder told The Underwear Expert. “It’s always very helpful on the design side because if there’s something somebody doesn’t like, we like to know what that is and how we can change that and what not.”

The brand had previously moved their swim operations from factory to factory, primarily because their underwear manufacturer didn’t have swimwear production capabilities. Unsatisfied with the product, they stopped designing and selling it altogether. “More recently,” however, they decided “yes, let’s bring swim back and our underwear company that we love said ‘yes, we can now make it for you,” Sovell explained.

What’s the major difference between previous C-in2 swim and what they’re making now? Apart from the factory it’s coming from, the fit has changed. “In our speedo like suit, over the years people had said to me what they didn’t like was that many of the suits in that caliber took all your junk and meshed it in.”

A simple design query people made to Sovell in response was “why not just put your [underwear] pouch in it?” A sensible enough of an idea, but ultimately, Sovell thought, “it made it just a little too obvious.”

The result from their re-visiting the drawing board are designs that neither flatten nor exaggerate. What you’ll find now, at least in bikini-type cuts of C-in2’s new swimwear, is a new kind of inverted pleat coming out of the gusset. “It’s somewhat understated and accomplishes all the goals,” Sovell says.

The new C-in2 swimwear is made of mostly nylon and spandex, but you’ll also see some woven fabrics that are blended nylon and cottons as well as some suits that are 100% nylon with some other synthetics mixed in. “A little bit of everything’s in the new range” Sovell continued.

Based on the initial response to the brand’s swim collection and with the feedback from current designs, Sovell and his team are already ramping up production for next year. C-in2’s 2013 swim range won’t be launched under the radar, though. Feedback in hand, they’re planning to make a “bigger splash, so to say,” Sovell laughed. “Going into next year and Holiday, we’ll get Rick Day involved.”

The swimwear is available in select retailers now and will be sold for upwards of $50; check out the gallery below for more on C-in2’s new swimwear, and by all means, share your opinions. Who knows, your feedback could directly impact C-in2’s swim pieces next year.

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