Australian Brand Artillery Gets Artistic

Australian, alternative and very artistic underwear brand Artillery has started making a name for itself by pairing with indie artists to produce edgy designs. The company sets itself apart with unique one-of-a-kind looks that promise to inspire and draw attention, both on and off. We recently spoke with Artillery brand founder Milena Covelli on how they choose their artists, what’s in it for them and how this spunky brand got started.

The Underwear Expert: Where did the idea come from to incorporate artist’s designs into your underwear?

Milena: That’s a good story! The idea came partly from one of my gay friends whom I met in class while we were both doing our MBAs. It was a big party night and we were making fun of him for his awful undies, and he was saying that it would be so cool to be able to design your own undies. By the end of the night we started realizing this was a crazy idea that we could push further.
Then, to be honest, the idea just evolved; we introduced the concept of only limited editions to assure customers total exclusivity and after this we started searching for the first bunch of ‘artists’ willing to decorate artilleries. We launched early this year and things have been so much fun since then!

The Underwear Expert: Do you guys design any of your own or are you 100% artist designed?

Milena:  All Artillery is 100% artist designed. We only give artists a pair of undies as a canvas and then what they do is up to them! The design space on the undies is definitely an opportunity to show off, to have fun, and to be damn hot. You will be always amazed by original talents from all around the world. We include the meaning of the artwork and the artists’ stories on Artillery’s website.

The Underwear Expert: Can anyone be an artist?

Milena:  Of course everyone has an artist inside of them and we encourage everyone to try out their designs with us!

The Underwear Expert: And, how do you choose designs?

Milena: To choose the designs we simply ask people. We will also use social media, so followers and fans will be the ones who vote on designs and dictate what’s made. We only keep an eye on some technical issues as we need to make sure that the designs are printable.

The Underwear Expert: Do any proceeds from the underwear go to the artists?

Milena: Yes, our business model is a win-win concept. We offer every artist exposure through our products, branding and media network, as well as offer a percentage for every sale that is made.

The Underwear Expert: What does the future hold in store for Artillery?

Milena: We want to have a lot more happy Artilleries! For the coming limited editions we are aiming to come up with a bigger number of new artists and designs so people can have more options to choose from. We want to continue innovating with new sexy, sassy, spunky art so be prepared for some craziness and great products coming soon!

Check out Artillery’s current lineup in the gallery below. Each pair is comprised of a 94% cotton, 6% elastane blend, and retails for $26.95.

For more information on this brand: Artillery


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