Pillow Talk With Todd Finlay

You’ve most recently seen Todd Finlay featured in Cover Male’s marketing photos, shirtless and probably on a beach or in a bed. We spoke with the model about his love for Miami and cigars and his favorite piece from Cover Male; he even provides a few tips on how to look good in your underwear. We have to say, he’s equally as charming as he is good-looking–it must be an Australian thing.

The Underwear Expert: Todd, you’ve modeled for a wide range of underwear companies, including aussieBum. How long have you been modeling?

Todd Finlay:Indeed, it seems most clients prefer me in underwear to clothing. I started modeling in my home town of Melbourne, Australia a little over six years ago. My mother agency is Chadwick Models, Sydney.

UX:What’s been your craziest modeling experience?

Todd: I would have to say Cover Male’s second campaign.  We shot out in the Everglades so I was a little concerned about Alligators; thankfully they weren’t near us when we were shooting.

UX:How has being the new face of Cover Male been treating you so far?

Todd:The response has been fantastic.  The brand seems to be growing fast since its launch in late 2011 thanks to Creative Director Tarek Al-Halabi and I’m really proud to be part of Cover Male from the start.  With Tarek at the helm I see big things happening for the brand in the future.

UX: What’s your favorite piece from the brand?

Todd: My favorite piece in the underwear collection is the trunk in black; it looks great and is super comfortable. I absolutely love the swim strip block.  The blue with red strip is classic and very much my look.

UX: So you’re originally from down under, but now live in Miami. Which do you prefer and why?

Todd: Such a tough question.  Australia is an amazing place and most of my friends and family are there.  I really do miss it.  Miami has been treating me well so far, Mega (my agency) have really helped me settle into my life here in the USA.  The weather here is sensational and the people are super friendly.  I am very happy here in Miami.

UX:We also heard you’re a sports fanatic. What’s your favorite sport?

Todd:I would have to say my sport of the moment is English Premier League Football.  I spent most of last year living in London so it was hard not to follow it. For Manchester City to steal the title off United in the dying seconds of the season was one of the best moments in sport I have ever seen.

UX: Speaking of sports… how do you stay in such great shape?

Todd: I just make sure I do some form of activity most days.  I mix it up with running, weights, swimming, cycling, yoga, tennis and golf. I love to be outside, especially when the sun is shining in Miami!

UX: Any tips for the average joe’s out there looking to get underwear model bodies?

Todd: Just get out there and move everyday if possible, exercising is about having fun.  So I would say choose an activity you enjoy then it won’t be such a chore. Try and eat healthy most of the time and remember to reward yourself with whatever floats your boat.  A cold beer, slice of pizza or a chocolate bar.  Everything in moderation.

UX: We also heard you love the occasional cigar..?

Todd: Indeed I do.

UX: Is that a Miami thing?

Todd: Yeah I guess so, there seems to be a cigar store on every other corner on South Beach.  Hard not to sample some of the local culture!

UX: What other hobbies do you have besides sports and cigars? Anything that would surprise us?

Todd: I love to travel and see new places around the world. Very keen on getting over to explore Cuba sometime in the near future.

UX: Thanks for taking the time to chat: in closing, are there any words of wisdom you can impart to our readers?

Todd: Life is what you make it. Work hard and chase your dreams. No Regrets!



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