5 Tips on Buying the Right Pair

Underwear is arguably the most important part of your outfit and like every other fashion purchase, requires an attention to detail and knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. More often than not, though, underwear is overlooked and the cheapest, first thing you find is what you buy.

Bottom line: What you put into your underwear is what you get out of it.

So, say you have decided to step it up and treat your underwear like it matters. How do you know what to look for? And how do you know what’s important and what’s not when you’re looking for that special pair?

1. Check sizing charts; brands all use different sizing for their underwear. Sizes tend to run one or two waist sizes apart from each other (29-31 or 30-31 for a small, etc.) but sometimes they can vary as many 3 or 4 inches. Keep in mind, too, that you could be a small in one brand, and a medium in another. No one likes a pair of underwear that squeezes and pinches, right? Right. Keep track of what sizes for each brand for work you!

2. Check fabric and remember what works for you; There are literally hundreds of fabric combinations! Some cool, some keep you dry and some are just soft and cozy as all get out. Some fabrics, too, are just not comfortable at all. When you find one you like, take note so you can look for the same fabric in the future (or start making your own underwear?)

3. White’s great, but… it’s not at all easy to maintain; this is glaringly obvious, but you might forget this one when you see a pair of white briefs on the rack you just have. to. have. White fades, it stains, and after three wears is usually pushed to the back of the underwear drawer. If you have extra money to spend on underwear and like what white does for you, by all means, buy one–or ten–but if you’re a budget shopper, stick with dark colors and prints. They last longer and require less care.

4. Check the construction; If you pick up a pair of underwear and the threads are loose and the seams are spaced far apart, you’re just looking for disaster. Throw those in the washing machine and they’ll fall apart faster than you can say, “but hey, they’re like so hot.” Don’t confuse cost with quality, either. There are plenty of brands out there that supply excellently constructed underwear at prices that won’t break the bank.

5. Don’t be afraid to branch out! Read reviews, keep up to date on styles and trends, and don’t be afraid to discuss your favorites with friends. Underwear options are literally infinite (or so it seems!) and the perfect pair of underwear could be just around the corner.

Photo: The Underwear Expert


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