Undz: Certifiably Organic

Canadian underwear retailer Undz has made a magnificent affirmation: by 2013, the company, known for it’s competitive pricing, creative marketing and bright, pop colored underwear, will use 100% certified organic cotton for all product. In a world where thousands of chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles and a quarter of the world’s pesticides are used to grow non-organic cotton, we’re all for it.

“Industrialization has left our planet polluted, stripped of resources, and in need of a vital change,” a press release says. “While recycling, eating organic, and encouraging fair trade is beginning to prevail through mainstream popularity, within the fashion industry, sustainability has yet to become standardized.”

As part of their organic manifesto, they aim to incorporate holistic efforts into other areas of business, too. “The people we work with (directly and indirectly) are equally as important to our newfound manifesto, and we’ve reserved a part of our obligation to them. Organic and local mean nothing if the plants and working conditions they come from don’t represent our vision for a better world identically. It is important to us to maintain the highest possible standards and ideology when it comes to worker’s rights, hygiene, health, salary, and protection. These concerns will always be notably obliged when researching new options for the development of our products.”

Undz takes on their mission knowing very well it won’t be an easy one, especially creatively. “We understand the restrictions, and we know the challenge limited resources can impose on a creative vision.” They’re “determined to minimize [their] carbon footprint sans compromise,” however, and for that we give them a round of applause.



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