Timoteo Ocampo Talks Underwear

Timoteo Ocampo is the designer and namesake of Timoteo. Known for its steamy photo spreads as well as its dapper designs, Timoteo is a Los Angeles brand on the rise.

Need proof that Timoteo is one of the steamiest brands out there? Take a look at our gallery of some of our favorite Timoteo looks, including some never before seen photos from their Sport 2.0 collection, and then read the article below!

After a successful career first designing women’s clothing and then running a men’s retail store in West Hollywood, Timoteo Ocampo began to introduce some of his own designs onto the racks at his store. “Little by little we introduced accessories, then gymwear and swimwear,” Ocampo said. “We were very familiar with the fit of denim and t-shirts, so people started expressing interest in a swimwear collection. That did really well. And so naturally people started asking us, ‘When are you making underwear? The swim line fits so well!'”

“We think of the Timoteo line itself as a t-shirt/denim line, but we’ve allowed it to grow and develop into new categories like underwear. And we’re always adding new categories to Timoteo, like Cellblock 13,” Ocampo added.

Keeping a distinct personality to each category is crucial for the Timoteo brand. “For Cellblock 13, we really saw a void in the market. No one was staking a claim at the cross between fetish and fashion,” Ocampo remarked. “There are the downtown hipsters who want to look cool but don’t want to be too pretty, who want to be more scruffy and natural. And there’s also something from the fetish community, in the colors that they use. We wanted to marry the fetish and the fashion together.”

Each category is geared to appeal to a particular kind of guy, though. So for Cellblock 13, it was engineered with the guy who loves that marriage in mind. “The Cellblock 13 guy is similar to the Timoteo guy,” Ocampo says of him.”He might be a little bit more raw and like to mix it up a little more. He likes to mix clothing, gauntlets, a great suit and a leather tie to go out to a fashionable event. He’s more likely to go to a leather and Levi’s bar to hang out and have a drink with the guys.”

Having the guy in mind doesn’t mean that the brands have static targets. Timoteo is on track to expand in all areas of its reach within the year. As for Cellblock 13 specifically, Ocampo says that it was “originally a full underwear collection. Now it’s also got sportswear, with different style pieces. There’s an MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] fighting short, a cage fighter short that can flip from being a playroom short and a swimsuit at a pool party. We’ve also got a jockstrap with that same MMA feeling. Really, there’s everything from tank tops to T-shirts. We’re also introducing denim into Cellblock 13 within the next year, so watch out for that.

“As far as the Timoteo brand, we’ll allow it to grow organically,” Ocampo continues. “We let customers give feedback and incorporate it. There’s always new brands we’re developing so customers should keep an eye out for that.”

“I like all aspects” of designing underwear,” Ocampo avers.”From thinking of the design sketch to sewing it and seeing it on the model. I enjoy everything from sourcing the fabric to photographing it. As far as the fit goes, we work our patterns from the get go. If I wouldn’t wear it, it doesn’t go on the line. We produce everything domestically in LA so I get to pay attention to everything: how the fabric is coming in, how the sewers are doing, that sort of thing.”

“Designing is always fun. It’s the creative part of bringing something new. For me, I’m the designer that actually cuts and sews everything so every piece that’s on the collection — I’ve done all the things, I’ve followed it all the way through production. We incorporate fashion colors and styles into the collection every season. That’s why we have a really good following, even with the denim.” What’s more? “People know it’s going to fit, that it’s good quality and that it’s fashionable.”


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  1. Jimmy Rayston says:

    Timoteo talks about “designing is always fun” but he doesn’t design anything new or different. He just copies other brands designs with different colors. This is the same what Andrew Christian does. They talk about being these great designers but they are just fraud fakes.

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