SLY Sweeps Into UK

Australian underwear brand, SLY, has been making major waves recently, expanding their availability to over 300 retailers in the past 12 months. Now, they’ve hit the UK with designs appearing at the retail chains USC and Surfdome.

Started by young entrepreneur, Dan Murray, SLY focuses on edgy and loud trunk designs at a price-point that won’t break the bank. According to yesterday’s press release, their most popular style, a pair with the appearance of denim cut-offs, will be among other offerings  in the UK retail lineup.

“The undies seriously look like a pair of cut off denim. Wear them, take your pants down and see what happens,” says Murray. “The idea came from those moments where you find yourself with your pants at your ankles and the embarrassment that comes with being exposed in front of provocative onlookers.”

With their spread onto the UK retail scene, and their continued aggressive marketing, SLY is definitely one to continue to watch.


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