Zylas Boxer Jetta

The Pair:
NAME: Boxer Jetta
BOTTOMS: Boxer Briefs
COLORS: Yellow, Red, Black, Turquoise, Gray

The Man:
WORN: Small Turquoise Boxer Jetta

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer Brief
FUNCTION: Athletic, Everyday
FIT: Runs small
FABRIC: 83% Nylon 10% Polyester, 7% Elastomer

The Look:  “Urban Active” is Zylas’ goal here, and they definitely deliver. The colors are bright and bold and the slimming, vertical stripes and alternating athletic strips of mesh fit this goal perfectly, and keep things airy, too. The textured waistband is emblazoned with alternating handprints and the Zylas logo, and the waistbands, identical in color to that of the brief, make for a cohesive pair of underwear.

The Fit:  If you like a tight fit, you’ll enjoy the form-hugging snugness of the Boxer Jetta. The strips of mesh are a nice touch that keep things from getting too stuffy down there and the pouch isn’t restricting at all, but it will hold you in place for whatever urban activity comes your way.

The Construction: The seams are well stitched using an elastic thread. Extra elastomer is sewn into the seams on the pouch, too, which helps with the fit. The nylon cloth would be too thick for comfort if that’s all we had here, but the mesh strips add breathability. Our one real complaint is that the tag is sewn unnecessarily over the waistband—both front and back. The inside part of the tag hangs off below the stitching of the waistband and can cause irritation. The wearer simply needs to tuck the end of the tag in when he puts the underwear on, or cut it off; a mild inconvenience but worth the hassle for a great, and vibrant, wear.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Everything will stay firmly in place when you wear Zylas’ Boxer Jetta. This boxer brief works well for a man who’s moving around all day and needs something athletic, but wants to look fashionable as well. The colors are bold and attention grabbing, the logo is clearly visible, and the stripes are slimming. For active functionality and urban style, Zylas is a good choice.


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