Wood Boxer Brief

The Pair:
NAME: Wood Boxer Brief
COLORS: Grey, Navy, Orange, Black

The Man:
WAIST: 30″
BRIEF WORN: Small, Orange Boxer Brief

The Basics:
FUNCTION: Everyday, relaxing
FIT: True to size
FABRIC: 96% cotton, 4% elastane
LAUNDERING: Warm gentle machine wash

The Look: Classic, Composed, Standard

The Design: The combination of solid colored leg, contoured pouch and white waistband with off-centered logo is a tried-and-true look, and for good reason-it’s a look that works. Wood doesn’t innovate here, but they draw from a strong design source to make an attractive, well-proportioned boxer brief.

The Fit: Close fitting and comfortable. The large seams on the doubled fabric pouch provide millimeters of extra room, which become a godsend during work-outs or runs. Then, the roominess turns into moveability. The feel of the cotton fabric is a bit stiff at first touch, but once through in the washing machine and this underwear is soft and supple–the stiffness having turned into sturdiness. Overall, a comfortable daily wear contender.

The Construction: The cotton blend fabric, as mentioned above, feels stiff at first touch but becomes surprisingly soft and remarkably sturdy after a wash. The waistband is made with some of the softest elastic we’ve encountered and provides a comfortable fit all day long. It doesn’t lose it’s stretch after a jog around the block, and more importantly, remains in tact after three washes. The stitching in this boxer brief is even and tight, and the pouch has the most minimal of enhancing cuts: a well-executed and welcomed touch.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: The Wood boxer brief presents nothing in construction or design that sets it apart from other comparable boxer briefs out there, but it certainly makes its way to the top of this style of underwear due to the sturdiness of the fabric. As an inoffensive but capable executor of the standard mid-premium boxer brief, we guarantee you won’t go wrong with Wood.


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