Me Undies Boxer Brief

The Pair: 
NAME: Me Undies Boxer Brief
BOTTOMS: Boxer Brief
COLORS: White, Navy, Red, Grey, Green, Pink, Black, Blue

The Man
WORN: Small, black boxer brief

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer Brief
FUNCTION: Everyday, Relaxing, Going Out
FIT: True to Size
FABRIC:  92% Modal, 8% Elasthane

The Look:  Me Undies nailed the straightforward boxer brief, you guys. It’s simple and unadorned, but best of all, this is a pair of underwear that will look good on almost anyone, regardless of build. The logo, subtly printed on a tag sewn carefully to the purple on the inside black on the outside waistband is about the only thing on this underwear that identifies it. The result? A classic and understated pair of underwear that would flatters almost anyone without drawing attention.

The Fit: This is the sort of underwear you forget you’re wearing—it’s that comfortable. And, if you’re the sort of person who wants a looser, roomier boxer brief, this is your pair. The underwear’s fabric doesn’t bunch up at all so it’s comfortable when worn under jeans or slacks, and, as loose and giving as it is, it still provides support.

The Construction:  The Modal fabric is thin, soft, and slightly elastic – and ridiculously comfortable. The tag in back is sewn flat against the waistband so as not to cause irritation while washing instructions, size, etc. are stamped on the fabric centered under the tag. All the seams are tight with small, evenly dispersed stitches. There are no loose threads, here – which has us wondering what on Earth they did to get this underwear so perfect. Everything in Me Undies’ construction is top of the line and makes for a comfortable “Am I even wearing anything?” experience.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: You know how all girls have their Little Black Dress? Think of this as your Little Black Underwear. No matter what your style, you need a pair of underwear like these. Trust us on this one.


0 thoughts on “Me Undies Boxer Brief

  1. Rob E says:

    I gotta be honest, I just purchased my first pair and I’m way less than impressed. Is no one else finding the tag irritating; sewn flat? I had the underwear on for 2 hours before the tag started driving me bananas. Then, I cut the tag off thinking that would solve the problem (though, I must admit in an age where Hanes and Fruit of the Loom have tagless or comfort tag styles standard, the fact that there is a sewn on tag at all is ridiculous) only to discover the bulging ends of the waistband. It doesn’t connect smooth and seamlessly like every other pair of underwear I own from any other brand, rather the two ends are hidden under the tag because they just stick out! So if you cut the tag off, they become even less comfortable.
    I liked everything else about this product, adored it honestly. And the customer service team has been positively marvelous handling my dissatisfaction. But I had such high hopes about the product itself, and I’m so disappointed that an issue with such a simple solution, exists at all.
    I’m really curious though; has no one else found these issues to be irritating?

  2. Mike A. says:

    I honestly don’t feel the back tags at all. They are my favorite pair by far. Rob some people are more sensitive than others but I honestly have not found a better pair. MeUndies is MeFavorite.

  3. Kevin says:

    The underwear by far. I’ve been wearing fruit of a loom for years( hate Hanes horrible underwear) and these take the cake over them. I only have one pair and are disappointed when they’re not in the drawer in the morning. I would recommend these to anybody they fit great and feel awesome .

  4. face says:

    I have spent way too much money with meundies. With that being said, These things last, and are more comfortable than any boxer briefs ive tried. They are long enough without being too long, and soft enough without being weird and silky. I cycle through about 10 pairs, and I think I just through a pair out I had for 8-12 months. That was with wearing that pair atleast 2-3 times a month. Comparatively, these are a solid value..

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