Michael Kors Microfiber Trunk

The Collection:
NAME: Michael Kors Microfiber
COLORS: Black, White, Flint and Plum (Fashion color)
BOTTOMS: Trunk and Pouch Brief

The Man:
WAIST: 32″
BRIEF WORN: Medium, purple Michael Kors Microfiber Trunk

The Basics:
RISE: Low-Rise
FUNCTION: Everyday, Athletic, Fashion
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $26.00
FABRIC: 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
LAUNDERING: Machine wash warm, permanent press cycle, tumble dry.

The Look: Sporty, Modern, Chic.

The Design:  The microfiber trunks have the true stamp of Michael Kors, which is clean and chic American sportswear, so it’s no surprise he’s able to give us athletic function with a clean look, here. The square-cut design with simple lines and minimal detail gives you just the right amount of support in the pouch and rear estate and a sleek athletic look. He adds a touch of sophistication with his iconic “Michael Kors” written inside a metallic band on the front of the white waistband. The slight metallic quality of the band compliments the sheen in the fabric of the trunks.

The Fit:  The Michael Kors trunks are a perfect blend of athletic and function – for someone who’s on the go and active on a daily basis, these feel gym-appropriate yet functional enough to wear everyday from start to finish. With a strong yet silky waistband, you get a barely there feel, and because the tag is heat stamped on the fabric you’ve got nothing but smooth sailing ahead. The fabric is a sporty blend that has a nice stretch but makes for a secure, accentuated fit for your manhood.

The Construction:  The first note-worthy part of these trunks is the signature waistband, which serves soft comfort and secure fit. A smart edit was printing the tag inside just below the waistband, adding to the overall comfort and ease of this trunk. He uses a stretch fabric (95% nylon, 5% spandex) that breathes well, feels smooth and ultimately provides total support. You barely notice the elastic in the legs and after wearing these a full day we can honestly say the fit and shape stayed in tact. The dual panel pouch is a nice touch, too, hugging your boys in all the right ways. All in all, an excellently made pair of underwear. 

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Amazing Fabric. Sleek Look. Modern Fit. The Michael Kors Microfiber trunk is a perfect match for someone who leads an active lifestyle but seeks out a no-frills staple. It’s a smart and sophisticated look but if you’re searching for some plumage to excite whoever sees these, this might not be the choice for you. Despite the classic design and simple construction, there is sex appeal here in the stretch of the fabric providing an attention demanding fit.


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