HOM Slips into Olympic Spirit

In preparation for this June’s Olympic Games in London, French underwear marque HOM released a new campaign featuring eight of the hottest French swimmers, all either past medalists or Olympic hopefuls.

The sleek nageurs can be seen wearing HOMs colorful line of boxers, trunks and bermuda shorts. The eight swimmers: Romain Magula, Grégory Mallet, Maxime Bussière, Florent Manaudou, Fabien Gilot, Dorian Gandin, Frederick Bousquet, and Camille Lacourt are names you should be watching out for during this coming summers games. HOM will be supporting their Olympic efforts with a series of animations on the brands facebook page, too.

The French dream team was captured by François Rousseau, “the representative of the ‘French touch’ in male photography,” according to Têtu, a leading men’s magazine in France.

Dive on in, and watch these swimmers get wet!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG03Ndbiy7E&w=630&h=315]




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