Gregg Homme Maximizer Brief

The Collection:  
NAME: Gregg Homme Maximizer
BOTTOMS: Brief, Thong
COLORS: Black, Navy

The Man:
BRIEF WORN: Small, Navy Maximizer Brief

The Basics:
STYLE: Brief
RISE: Ultra Low
ATTRIBUTES: Built-in loop sling, condensed contour pouch, high-cut legs, mesh
FUNCTION: Going Out, Everyday, Entertaining, Sexy
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $34.95
FABRIC: 78% Nylon, 22% Lycra® Spandex

The Look: Racy and vulgar to the untrained eye; to an underwear expert, however, the Gregg Homme Maximier Brief is a wonder to behold. A mesh brief with ultra-high cut legs, super low rise waist, and an integrated “loop sling” to bring your “general and his troops” front and center, this is one of the most handsome enhancers we’ve seen; the navy blue contrasts with the white waistband in an almost wholesome way. As for the enhancement itself: it works, and we’ll leave it at that. If that’s a profile you like, you should definitely spring for a Gregg Homme Maximizer. We like the full rear coverage, too–it contributes to the sense that the brief itself is correctly proportioned–it’s just you that’s giant.

The Fit: A surprisingly relaxed stretch. The loop sling doesn’t pinch, fortunately, and the condensed contour pouch into which you insert yourself has a silky smooth feel. The mesh allows real breathability, which is crucial for such a close-fitting garment. The loop is a tiny obstacle when you need to take the Maximizer off to go to the bathroom, say, and you also need to be careful that it doesn’t start twisting when you put it back on otherwise it will start to constrict. It’s not as if the elastic is undetectable–you do feel like you’re wearing something akin to a C-ring–but we’re guessing if you’re in the market for a maximizer, you won’t mind too much.

The Construction: Masterful. The pouch is a thing of textile engineering ingenuity. The upward-arching seams in the sport mesh fabric combine with the interior elastic strap to bring everything forward and up. The perforated material really does allow air to flow through, and is stretchy enough to expand when needed without losing its shape afterward. The waistband is strong enough to sit on the hips but dip down in front, creating a v-shape which emphasizes the pouch yet again, and the stomach above.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: This is a great option for the man ballsy enough to put himself on display. The brief does what it’s designed to do – but may not always be the most practical or appropriate thing to wear. It is probably too constricting for a heavy workout, and it seems a little much for a day at the office.  For a night in or a night out, however, the Gregg Homme Maximizer Brief may just be the ticket. Its assured construction and handsome lines accentuate visually just as much as they maximize physically, and the result, if you will excuse us, is quite a package.


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