The White Briefs for Nick Wooster

The White Briefs is a leisurewear company that you may never have heard of. Keep reading, though, and you’ll gain a heightened perspective on the possibilities in underwear design-perhaps never looking at that pair of poorly made and awkward briefs in the corner the same way again.

The company provides unparalleled quality of product–everything from kimonos to boxer briefs, henleys to tanks–made with the utmost care. A boutique brand by Peter Simonsson, The White Briefs innovates in its attention to unbranded detail.

The boutique leisurewear company is branching out, though, from its simple white designs and in a special collaboration with style icon Nick Wooster, is releasing a new, more daring collection: Camouflage Underwear by The White Briefs for Nick Wooster.

First showcased “in a camouflage exhibition together with a handful of influential brands” in February, this collaboration features three styles: briefs, t-shirts and singlets (tanks) all made with organic cotton.

The collaboration doesn’t stop innovating at camo clothing. Nick Wooster and The White Briefs “designed a special box from recycled cardboard–and it has the camo design on it as well,” Paul Fleming of Want Agency, Inc. told The Underwear Expert, in which the product will reside.

Of the design,”The Woodland print has been finely tuned with a personal signature and a hidden design, that I guess only the wearer will discover,” says Creative Director, Founder and Designer at The White Briefs, Peter Simonsson.

Camouflage Underwear by The White Briefs for Nick Wooster will be stocked at all three locations of Opening Ceremony (in Los Angeles, and the Crosby street location and ACE Hotel in New York) and Owen, a new store in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

It will also be available in London, Portland, and Minneapolis. Prices may vary.


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