BTS Photos from C-in2’s Grip Shoot

The Underwear Expert walked into a Brooklyn photo studio converted from an industrial warehouse back in April to get exclusive behind the scenes photos of the C-in2 Grip photo shoot (the photo shoot that produced these awesome C-in2 Grip photos). A light haze had already settled in the studio and fans anchored to the ceiling 20 ft. above cut light into moving shapes.

The model: Daniel Garofali, the photographer: Rick Day, the setting: a gymnast’s private, hazy lair. We spoke to Greg Sovell, Co-Founder and Creative Director of C-in2 about the collection and the direction for the campaign.

“[Rick Day] had approached us about using a boxer,” to represent the collection. But a realization quickly materialized: “boxers don’t grip, gymnasts do.” And so, they decided to move forward using a gymnast to represent this athletic line. Gymnasts do, after all, “hold on for dear life,” Sovell told us. “It’s more fitting for what we’re trying to do.”

And what is C-in2 trying to do exactly? They’re hoping this line catches on like wildfire with athletes and anyone in need of a truly high performance underwear (you can check out the science of C-in2’s newest athletic line here) It’s a fitting mission: C-in2’s moisture transport technology is now some of the most, if not the most, advanced wicking technology on the market.”We want athletes to feel like this product was made for them” said Sovell. “It’s fashionable, but it’s really about the performance of it.”

C-in2’s Grip range is available now.




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