We got in touch with the brand Jack Adams to find out exactly who they are and evaluate the successes they’ve seen by placing jockstraps at the center of their business model. It turns out, going all jock was a masterful business move for them.

Jack Adams has a lot going on–they created the first jock with a fly, and are introducing activewear later this year. For the down-low on the Jack Adams brand, keep reading, and then head over to read about the Jack Adams Gridiron Jockstrap, their latest release.


When did you start doing business? December 2010

Who owns the company? Ron Miller, Managing Partner

Where are the company headquarters? Van Nuys, California

How many employees? 8

Any major changes in the men’s underwear industry that affect your brand? Jockstraps have become incredibly popular. Our emphasis on new jockstrap designs this year reflects this new demand.

Do you have a slogan? Defined by those who wear it.

What sets your brand apart from others? Comfort, functionality and quality are the key areas we continually focus on. Men want to wear our underwear, because it’s constructed well, feels and fits great and works for their entire lifestyle.

What are your brand’s biggest accomplishments? Creating the first jockstrap with a fly.

What challenges does your brand currently face? Keeping up with demand from the marketplace.

Any major future expansions or partnerships planned? We plan to release men’s active wear in Fall 2012.


What is the profile of your target customer? An active man who is on the go, works out and wants to feel good by what he wears.


What % did your company grow between 2011 and 2012? 100%

What % of increase do you project for 2012? 100%

What is the average retail price of your underwear? $23


What is the size distribution of Jack Adams product (% of S, M, L, etc.)? 50% is Medium, 20% Large, 20% Small and 10% X-large.

How many current collections does your brand currently offer? 4

How often do you introduce new styles? Every 3 months

What % sales are Fetish / Alternative? 20%


How do you market your product? Publicity and advertising in online niche media, blogs, social media networks and fitness magazines.

What associations, qualities and images does your brand try to conjure? Masculine male.

What’s your most interesting marketing campaign to date? Real Men Wear Jockstraps!

[Pictured: Jack Adams Ranger Fly X Jockstrap]

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