Björn Borg Glows in the Dark

Have you been caught in the dark wearing Björn Borg’s new glow in the dark underwear? As part of the Swedish underwear company’s Spring collection, they’ve launched a glow in the dark range that they say are “both sexy and ecological.” Get that? Wear Björn Borg’s new collection and you won’t need to turn on the lights!

The just released range has a more general ecological focus, too. “The collection encourages us to take a stand; what we can do in our everyday lives about consumption, energy usage and recycling” according to a press release. In short, they say, “what can we do to make the world a better place?”

The collection embraces a variety of prints inspired by energy sources and recyclable items (batteries, soda cans, bottles, paper trash, composted flowers and public transport) and does so “in a positive, humorous and love-sharing mix showing a wide range of colors: the typical Björn Borg trademark.”

The press release also asserts “the night time just got some more fun time. Sexy, Sexy, Boom, Boom. Feels good JA!” And, with glow in the dark prints like these, we wouldn’t disagree. BOOM!

Björn Borg’s glow in the dark underwear (95% Cotton, 5% Elastane) is available now, and retails for $27.95


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