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A tailored Oxford shirt is a classic, manly piece of clothing; something that any guy recognizes as truly up there in terms of masculine style. Until now, though, there hasn’t been a comparable garment in the underwear department, which is odd considering how central to any outfit or wardrobe a man’s underwear can be.

Jake Joseph seeks to change all that. One of his top selling silhouettes is the Trouser Boxer, which as the name indicates, is more of a tailored, gentlemanly type of undergarment than most of the ready-to-wear elastic pieces that are on the market today.

“What sets the Trouser Boxer apart is that we use great 100% cotton shirtings,” Joseph explained in an interview with The Underwear Expert. “It washes and gets better with time — it just gets softer and softer and softer.”

By using the same sturdy but supple fabric as used in a tailored Oxford shirt, Joseph is able to achieve a level of comfort and support unmatched by many brands in his category. But he doesn’t stop there: The SIDE VENTING and SEAMLESS REAR™ cut of the boxer receive tailor-like precision, too. The result?  A fit appropriate for slim guys, or for guys that pack a little more in the back. “If a guy is curvy in the back, or doesn’t have a lot, it works for him.”

Additionally, “the fit is something that never bunches up, because of what we’ve done with the rear,” Joseph said. “We’ve taken out any kind of lining that would go up toward the back side of the buttocks. If you look at the back, there’s just the right amount of fabric that allows it to not bunch up but also not ride.”

But the butt isn’t the only part of the Trouser Boxer that gets detailed attention: “In the fly, we’ve got dual function snaps, reinforced tacking. It’s stress tacking – or, additional reinforced stitches. On any areas that may undergo stress, we’ll sew over it, basically, which keeps it from ripping. For example, in the crotch, when you open the trouser boxer, there’s three reinforced tackings in the front. That’s something that extends the life of the product.”

And his customers are noticing: Jake Joseph enjoys very high ratings in customer satisfaction from sites like Amazon, where he’s currently ranked fourth in the men’s underwear category. “It’s a fabulous business where you can build loyalties with your stitch and your fabric,” Joseph says of the underwear industry and then adds confidently, “I don’t know if anyone else does it like us.”

The jake joseph Trouser Boxer retails for $38. Available in sizes S-XL, it is available in black & white pin stripe oxford, blue & white thin pinstripe, pink & white seersucker and blue gingham.





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