WWD Reports 2(x)ist Will Sell Timepieces

2(x)ist will begin selling watches by the end of the month, Women’s Wear Daily reported last Thursday. The $395 to $595 timepieces will be made from unconventional materials such as G10 polymer, a lightweight material used in the automotive industry, anodized aluminum, and ceramic. Gross sales of about $3 million in wholesale the first year alone are expected.

“We feel that the timing for launching the watches is perfect now for a couple of reasons. Market research shows that our core customer is looking for more products from us, and with watches being the most dominant piece of jewelry men wear, we feel it is a great accessory for us to introduce at this time,” Joey Harary, Chief Executive Officer of Moret Group, the parent company of 2(x)ist, told WWD.

To design the watch, Jason Scarlatti, 2(x)ist’s creative director, brought Jason Wilbur on board, an industrial designer who’s worked with Honda designing concept cars among other things. WDD reports that Wilbur based the watch design on the award-winning Devon Tread 1, a “patented $17,500 timepiece powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell” that Wilbur partnered with Devon Works to develop.

Wilbur described his design for 2(x)ist as “very three-dimensional and skeletal.” His vision was to achieve the sense of “just the scaffolding within a building in progress” that’s “beefy” in terms of volume, but is still very lightweight because of all the cutout detailing. Although it utilizes the most innovative materials there are still some traditional cues present, such as a round face, according to WWD.

2(x)ist will unveil the watch collection at a preview in Las Vegas later this month, with plans for a wider release later this summer, just in time to hit stores for fall.


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