Undy 5000 Run for Colorectal Health

Last Saturday, the Undy 5000 underwear run for colorectal health held their largest race ever in St. Louis, Mo, where athletes walked or ran in their underwear to promote colorectal health.

The Undy 5000 is a 5k family-friendly run/walk which is the Colon Cancer Alliance’s signature fundraising event, and an excuse for people to run around outside in their underwear for a good cause. The races generate money for research and care, provide important community support for people who are affected by colorectal cancer, and raise awareness of the deadly illness.

Why underwear? Because people don’t like to talk about colorectal cancer, explains the Colon Cancer Alliance. “Talking about it will save their lives. We need people to talk about colorectal cancer at their doctor’s office, around the dinner table, at the grocery store, while waiting in line at the local car wash…everywhere. CCA is willing to do anything to get people to speak out about colorectal cancer.  A crowd of people in their boxers, eventually in hundreds of towns in the United States, will help us get there.”

According to the Colon Cancer Alliance’s website, this Saturday’s race in St. Louis was their largest ever. Local TV personality Roche Madden emceed the event. Madden himself is undergoing treatment for colon cancer, and provided personal commentary on how it affected him. “I was diagnosed when I was 55.  I put off my colonoscopy,” Madden admitted.  “I had no symptoms at all.  I had no idea.  I felt fine.”

Events such as the Undy 5000 are a way to make sure that people of all ages and from all walks of life remember to take their colorectal health into account. From the pictures of the attendees, it seems like they were indeed successful at attracting a mixed crowd!




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