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Sunday was Tax Day in the US and if you’re lucky enough to get a refund, you may want to splurge and get yourself some high end underwear. We know that wearing great underwear can enchant your whole outfit: no one will see why you’re looking so good, but you’ll know. It will put a spring in your step and confidence in your demeanor. So, what’s the best underwear the most money can buy?

The Comfort Line Boxer Brief from Grigioperla, the men’s brand from luxury lingerie maker La Perla, is a pretty good bet. This $45 cotton and elastane boxer brief hangs tightly on your body, and the imported fabrics make it seem like that much more of a splurge. The understated design and almost-invisible front fly opening are something you’ll want to splurge for.

Gregg Homme, the Montreal-based sensuous luxury brand, might be close to the top. For $61.95, you can get a pair they carry called the Octane Boxer Brief. But don’t expect a conservative mid-leg cotton number: these fetish-inspired boxer briefs are made out of straps of leather which barely trace the outline of a normal boxer brief silhouette. Gregg Homme describes it as “a series of riveted leather-like straps […] held together by metal rings with a soft, padded pouch, while leaving the butt-cheeks sexily exposed.” If you’ve survived being tied up in your tax bracket, maybe the best thing you can do is tie up your junk in a good way.

If you want something a little softer for your government dollar, may we suggest the Hanro Silk Modal Boxer 3094? At $82, this classic and luxurious cut blends real silk with modal, and delivers a “well-appointed, basic essential for the sophisticated consumer.” You can’t go wrong with underpants to match your silk smoking gown and silk bedsheets. And what better way to soothe the stress that comes from filing taxes than with a boxer made of the softest, lightest materials around?

Edging out Gregg Homme  and Hanro in the price category is New York City upstart brand e=fu8, with an $88.88 low-riser called the Pleasure X8 Cut. Made of 95%, 5% spandex, e=fu8 claims that these are “what Adam would have worn when banished from the Garden of Eden.” Doesn’t that mean it would be a punishment, though? Anyway, the number eight is considered extremely good luck in Chinese culture, so this is an auspicious amount to pay for your undies and a great way to burn through that tax credit. It doesn’t hurt that the briefs, which the designer describes as a “cross between low rise briefs and very short boy shorts,” look pretty good, too.

However, for a budget-busting price point, new Swedish brand Frigo is the one to beat. $100 will buy you a single pair of their new ultra-high performance athletic shorts, engineered by the team who brought us the world record-breaking Speedo LZR suit. A Frigo No 1 comes with the patented FRIGO Zone for support, the Stay4Sure® hem tape to prevent slippage, and the advanced blend of high-breathability wrap-knit Italian fabrics by EuroJersey® to provide comfort and style. All that tech had to be developed in-house, so the hundo you drop on these 6″ or 9″ shorts gets you pretty exclusive stuff.  Even better, if you buy these and neglect to pay your taxes next year, the Frigo No 1 will help you outrun any tax collectors who come knocking.

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