SKMPEEZ Announces Undeez

Toronto-based swimwear company SKMPEEZ is introducing a debut underwear collection they’re calling Undeez, in keeping with their distinctive spelling style.

Undeez will be released in two silhouettes:  Briefz — bet you can get what that is — and Boxz, or boxer briefs, as other people often call them.

SKMPEEZ boasts that “UNDEEZ are constructed using 4-way stretch fabrics providing the ultimate in comfort, and are meant to be slept in, worked in, and definitely played in!” Check out the photos below and you’ll see what they mean.

The debut of the underwear collection consists of 28 vibrant color variations in four different elastic waistband designs. The high quality construction and precision tailoring combined with dynamic colors and comfy fabric blends make UNDEEZ “the new bold and exciting MUST HAVE underwear brand!” according to a press release.

With their track record of well-constructed, stylishly-designed garments, we don’t have any trouble imagining that Undeez will make its way to the top of our drawer.  Check out Undeez below as well as some swimwear!


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