Ristefsky Macheda Dares

To coincide with the launch of the new Ristefsky Macheda swimwear and (fashion) activewear range, Ristefsky Macheda will be launching their new line of briefs and trunks under their already popular Dare range. This Dare collection includes a low rise brief and trunk with metallic colored waistband. The collection has a range of color options and has been designed to achieve a sleeker look without compromising quality and comfort.

Take a look at the pictures to find out if you’re daring enough to Ristefsky Macheda. See what we did there?

The colors make up a daring primary palette in red, yellow, blue, silver and black. The line will retail from $24.95 to $27.95, keeping them within the affordable range.

“The Dare range of underwear has been our most successful underwear range to date,” said Stephen Ristefsky, Co-Designer, Owner and Founder of the brand. “The vibrant color range and perfect fit make them a great fashion accessory. The new Dare collection is a sexier low rise cut, with softer fabric and metallic waistband taking it to a whole new level.”

The release of Dare marks the first time Ristefsky Macheda have released underwear as part of a complete lifestyle collection that includes the swimwear and active-wear range. “We took Dare and overlaid it to the complete lifestyle range that ended up being our current collection,” explained Ristefsky.


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