REVIEW: Pikante Bobby Jumbo Brief

The Collection:
NAME:  Bobby Jumbo Brief
COLORS: Red, Orange, Brown

The Man
WAIST: 30”
WORN: Orange Bobby Jumbo Brief

The Basics:
STYLE: Brief
FUNCTION: Everyday, Relaxing, Going Out
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $21.99
FABRIC: 47% Polyester, 47% Viscose, 6% Spandex

The Look: Spicy! Sure, technically it’s a brief, but that’s only because of the rear coverage – otherwise, the pouch and waistband bring to mind a jockstrap more than anything else. The pouch is sewn to bring things forward and to a point, which it accomplishes with more ease than some other enhancing briefs which seem to strain or tug. The white piping is visually well-weighted against the solid color of the fabric, and the wide waistband achieves enough draw with the shiny-white-on-white embroidery.

The Fit:  Extremely comfortable. As we said, the pouch is cut in such a way as to front your junk, but it achieves this in a different way than other enhancing briefs. Instead of tucking it away or squeezing it forward, the seam in the pouch creates a sort of shelf for everything to rest on, keeping a relaxed, hang-free feel. The waistband is taut enough to stay in place, but doesn’t constrict.

The Construction: This is one of the softer blends of fabric we’ve felt in a long time. The equally-balanced polyester and viscose mixed with spandex make an extremely light, soft and shape-holding textile. The silhouette, too, is appealing. It’s like the reverse image of a jockbrief: instead of a brief with the rear cut out, it’s a jock with rear coverage. The stitching is all quite precise and lays flat, and the simplicity with which Pikante achieves its pouch effect is a rare treat.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: A real pleasure to wear. The construction, fabric and look are all much nicer than we might have expected from a piece like this. The only thing holding us back from telling everyone to go buy one right now is that there aren’t too many occasions where this would be the most obvious pair to pull on in the morning. However, go for it if you like to have your daily underwear be a little spicier than your average briefs. Especially at this price point, there’s no reason not to spice it up with Pikante.



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