REVIEW: Modus Vivendi Pan Fetish Boxer

The Collection:
BOTTOMS: Fetish boxer, brief and jockstrap
COLORS: Black with black, blue, red and yellow vinyl accents

The Man:
WORN: Pan Fetish Boxer with Red Vinyl

The Basics:
STYLE: Trunk
RISE: Mid Rise
FUNCTION: Everyday, Relaxing, Going out, Costume
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: € 33.60
FABRIC: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

The Look: For something called Fetish, it was on the tame side. The Boxer (they call it a boxer – we would call it a trunk) was well proportioned, and the bright red vinyl strip down the front sort of pulled the piece together. It was shiny, eye-grabbing and actually sort of handsome. The zipper, too, helps the vinyl and the elastic waistband work together to create a v-effect.

The Fit: Surprisingly soft and comfortable. This was what recommended this pair of underwear the most for me. The elastane and cotton blend felt far softer than I expected it would, and the front and rear cradled everything without feeling too tight. I thought that the zipper and the vinyl would make things rigid and uncomfortable in the pouch, but fortunately, it wasn’t so at all.

The Construction: A few more missteps than there should be – loose threads, wobbly stitches, exposed zipper parts – but since they didn’t detract from the actual wearing experience, it’s hard to really knock Modus Vivendi for that. The imprecise construction does indicate that this might not be a pair that holds up for too long, however. But really? How often would you wear fetish underwear….?

The Underwear Expert Opinion: This is a friendlier, easier pair of fetish underwear – perfect for the non-fetishist who nevertheless doesn’t mind a bit of character in his undies. The soft fit and sleek design counters the sub-par construction, so take our comments in stride and embrace your fetish side.

Take a look at Modus Vivendi’s Pan marketing photos here!


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