REVIEW: Intymen Euro Trunk

The Collection:
NAME: Euro Trunk
COLORS: Blue, White, Black, Coral, Red

The Man
WAIST: 30″
WORN: Medium Blue Euro Trunk

The Basics:
STYLE: Trunk
FUNCTION: Everyday, Relaxing, Going Out
FIT: Smaller than size
FABRIC: 61.1% polyester, 32.9% viscose, 6% spandex

The Look: Sleek, sophisticated, sexy. This is a good looking trunk: the simple colors, shiny, well-weighted waistband and the almost invisible seams make everything look like you’re swaddled in a luxurious garment. It’s very euro, as the name indicates. The ingeniously enhancing pouch doesn’t engage in any puppetry, as some might say, and avoids both the unsightly point that some pouches get, as well as avoiding any excessive flattening.

The Fit:  Like a caress. This felt great to wear: the soft fabric is soothing on the skin, and taking it on and off is almost as nice as just wearing it. The pouch allowed us to stay cool, away from our internal body heat, and actually helped reduce sweat and odors that way. The rear was just the tiniest bit droopy, but that’s a forgivable sin from a textile as nice as this one. And you’ll look so good in these that you won’t be able to keep them on you long enough for the fabric to droop, anyway!

The Construction: The fact that the label listed the fabric blends down to the decimal point should show you what kind of care went into these trunks. The stitching along the seams in front and in back is small enough to for the design to play down the fact that there are even seams in the fabric at all. It accomplishes what some pouchless underwear attempts and fails to do: it looks like a single bolt of cloth across the front and the back which simply conforms to male anatomy. This is good construction and design.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Recommended, unless you don’t like looking good and feeling great. One of our new favorite pieces, this Intymen Euro Trunk makes just the right balance between high quality and low profile. There’s nothing brash about this underwear, it just quietly overachieves in all of its aspects.


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