REVIEW: Freegun Krash Boxer Brief

The Collection:
NAME: Krash Boxer Brief
BOTTOMS: Boxer Brief
COLORS: Black with fuchsia, red and white print

The Man
WAIST: 30″
WORN: Medium Black Krash Boxer Brief

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer Brief
FUNCTION: Athletic, Everyday, Relaxing, Going Out
FIT: True to Size
RETAIL: $12.95
FABRIC: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane

The Look: Busy but composed. Broad Photoshop-y curlicues, chunky text and white silhouettes of ladies adorn the fabric, co-mingling with red dots and fuchsia-colored hibiscuses. The thick black waistband is embroidered with circular motifs that look like they could be eyes, but if they were eyes they would be cock-eyed in a way that wouldn’t sell any underwear so there’s no way they could be eyes. The inner thighs remain white, which makes a visual illusion when you wear them.

The Fit: Comfy, and slightly roomy. The rear wasn’t as close-hugging as some other pairs we’ve tried on. Part of that is because the legs extend fairly far down, which pulls the fabric, and part of that is because this isn’t exactly a pair designed to show off men’s best assets–but instead to just let them be. There are no uncomfortable stitches or threads loose, nor does the pouch provide anything less than comfort. It’s a fine boxer brief.

The Construction: This comes from a well-oiled industrial operation, and you can tell. The materials used — a blend of polyester and elastane — make no pretense of being natural or organic, which is fine. If you like a slicker handfeel, this would be a good pair to go for. The eye-catching print, as well, commends Krash to guys looking for something a bit more lively in their underwear drawer.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Great for a guy in his teens or early twenties, but probably not something you’ll blow away a date with. This seems like the kind of thing you’d see peeking out above a motocross racer’s pants, which makes sense because Freegun sponsors quite a few motosports athletes. If that’s your thing, then these are the boxer briefs for you.


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