REVIEW: Candyman 9628 Singlet

The Collection:
NAME: 9628 Singlet
COLORS: Black “animal print” on White, Green or Fuchsia

The Man
BUILD:  Slim
WAIST: 30”
WORN: White 9628 Singlet

The Basics:
STYLE: Singlet
RISE: Low Rise
FUNCTION: Everyday, Going Out, Relaxing, Costume
FIT: True to size
FABRIC:  84% Nylon,  16% Spandex

The Look: Garish. The “animal print” design is too stylized to look like any real beast. The suspender straps come together in a strange tail down the back, which is supposed to hang off the shoulders and extend to the butt beguilingly, but just ends up looking like there’s too much fabric. The waistline on the trunk bottoms between the front suspender straps dips too low, and doesn’t seem to have a linear connection with the rest of the waistline.

The Fit: Not quite right. Here’s the thing: men with the same waist size may have wildly different torso lengths. We at The Underwear Expert are neither exceptionally short nor tall, but we found that the straps going over our shoulders were too long, so they hung limply by our arms. Luckily, the bottoms were tight enough in the leg and rear to keep things up, otherwise we would have had to put on a second, real pair of suspenders.

The Construction: Technically adequate, although the material used really did feel 100% synthetic. Singlets are often made of similar kinds of inorganic material, so it wasn’t a huge misstep. Neglecting to take into account the fact that some men are taller than others was, though.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Even as a novelty item, this doesn’t have much to recommend it. We just compiled a list of attractive singlets you could wear if you absolutely must put one on, which we would suggest looking at before trying one of these on. If you’re a guy with a long torso, perhaps you love “animal print” so much that this will appeal to you. If so, more power to you — but we won’t be fighting you for one of these.


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