REVIEW: BodyQ Achile Boxer

The Collection:
NAME: Boxer Achile
COLORS: Yellow/Pink, Purple/Blue

The Man
WAIST: 30″
WORN: Yellow/Pink Medium Achile Boxer

The Basics:
STYLE: Briefs
FUNCTION: Athletic, Relaxing, Going Out, Everyday
FIT: Smaller than size
RETAIL: €9.90
FABRIC: 92% nylon, 8% elastane

The Look: Bright, brash, bold. It’s not an immediately pleasing look, but it does catch your eye. That’s not always a good thing. A close look at this “boxer” (BodyQ calls it a boxer, but it’s much closer to a brief) reveals that magenta pink and bright yellow close together make an unappealing color combination. The cut, otherwise, is fine.

The Fit:  The fit is fine. There’s nothing in particular to object to. We didn’t notice it pulling or constricting under our pants during the day, nor did we experience any limits to our movement when wearing just the underwear. However, this doesn’t recommend it to us; it merely doesn’t disqualify it from consideration.

The Construction: This pair of underwear is made of nylon and it certainly feels it. Some people must enjoy wearing nylon clothes this close to their skin, but we are not them. While of course it’s stretchy enough, the breathability and tautness leave much to be desired. Other missteps: loose threads on the outside of the appliqué waistband, odd stamping on the “3-D logo,” uneven cuts on rear sewn logo. All of it could be cleaner.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: Let’s put it this way: it doesn’t look bad, per se. But there’s no real reason why you should buy this pair over any other comparable pair of briefs. For the equivalent of $13, however, this might be a fine pair to get, simply because comparable briefs at this price point won’t be much better. It’s your call.


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